Zinc – Lead Exploration & Mining

BRG have been working on multiple exploration and mining projects for zinc and lead throughout the Irish midlands for many years.  Our team have been involved in the nascent phase of projects and been directly involved in advancing projects from desk studies through geological mapping / prospecting to geophysical surveys, target generation and management of all aspects of large scale exploration.

We have provided environmental management for large scale exploration and have successfully completed environmental and ecological surveys and screening for Appropriate Assessment to assist clients in carrying out exploration activities within sensitive SAC lands.

BRG have also provided prompt, high quality and cost effective service carrying out the logging of underground and surface drill core, surface geophysics (i.e. 2D Resistivity and Micro-gravity), and geotechnical modelling and assessment for current active mining operations.

         Gold Exploration

BRG have provided geological, geochemical and geophysical services to facilitate gold exploration by clients throughout southeast Ireland.  This work has included the design, supervision and analysis of the first airborne geophysical survey in the area (magnetic and VLF), soil and DOB geochemistry, geological mapping and prospecting.





Technical Assessments

BRG regularly provide site visits and geological technical reviews of international mining projects in a variety of commodities. 




         Site Investigation (geophysics)






         Quarry Evaluation