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Established in 2003, BRG Ltd is a leading multi-

disciplinary geological consultancy offering an

extensive range of services to the Exploration

and Mining, Site Investigation, Environmental, Engineering, Archaeological and Quarrying 



Our expert team of professionally qualified 

geoscientists has a wide range of geological,

geophysical and environmental experience, 

knowledge and skills.  With competitive quotes

and a documented history of successfully

completing a diverse range of projects in Ireland 

and across the globe, we offer clients an all-

encompassing experience – engaging in both

small and complex projects from conception,

through  planning,  design, organisation, and

implementation, to final interpretation, reporting

and analysis.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


Project Management


Geological Services


Geophysical Surveying


Geochemical Sampling, Analysis & QA/QC


Environemntal Assessment & Management


Site Assessment & Percolation Testing


Quarry Product Evaluation & Testing 

                                              Archeaological Geophysical Investigations     





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