Environmental Assessment & Management

Environmental management is an integral part of all BRG projects.  Our environmental personnel have an extensive knowledge of both the operational aspects of GeologicalGeophysical and Geochemical projects and the environmental considerations associated with each.  We work closely with clients to provide both pragmatic and sustainable solutions that bridge the balance between their specific projects and environmental conservation – from scope and design to environmental mitigation, the implementation of environmental monitoring plans, and overall project supervision.


BRG have many years of experience navigating the maze of local, national and international environmental legislation and have been at the forefront of implementing new regulations. Our scientists are experienced in a wide range of environmental surveys and will ensure that your project meets the highest ecological and environmental standards and avoids any unnecessary environmental impacts.



We provide a wide range of environmental services - from site assessments to testing, monitoring and supervision.  Our environmental assessment and management are custom-tailored to meet the specific needs of your project.


Environmental site assessments for all geological and prospecting work on Natura 2000  sites


Screening report compilation to inform the appropriate assessment process


Project environmental supervision


Water quality monitoring


Noise and air quality monitoring


Addressing and solving compliance issues


Site reinstatement and remediation