Induced Polarisation (IP)

Induced polarisation (IP) is a technique using electrodes with time-varying currents and voltages to measure an induced potential field in the subsurface.   IP surveys are a dynamic method BRG utilise in mineral exploration, particularly in areas associated with disseminated sulphides and massive sulphide mineralisation.  These surveys have the benefit of being sensitive enough to detect the capacitive effect of disseminated minerals that are not often measureable with other geophysical methods.


IP is a particularly effective tool applicable for the generation of resistivity maps that can be used to develop and refine geological and structural models. It is especially effective is areas where outcrop or drilling control is poor.


IP is also an effective tool for detecting underground services, mapping groundwater and mapping thickness of overburden and stratigraphy due to the differing chargeability characteristics of differing soils and rocks.