Geochemical Sampling, Analysis & QA/QC

Geochemical sampling and analysis of soils, stream sediments and rocks are effective methods employed by BRG to assist clients in identifying geochemical anomalies, outlining the general distribution of mineralisation and refining the exact mineral content of samples.


In the field BRG are experienced in stream, soil and deep overburden sampling for base metal and gold exploration. Geochemical sampling of drill core by groove sampling or core splitting for assay and lithogeochemical analysis are all common techniques utilised by experienced BRG personnel.  We will select the right laboratory, sample preparation and analytical methods for your particular sample type to achieve best value for money.


BRG can design and implement a bespoke QA/QC regime for your project, including sampling methodology, creation of matrix-matched reference materials and field blanks, and data evaluation. Replicate exercises for drilling projects can be fully implemented on your behalf.