Geological Services

BRG provide tailor-made services across the full geological spectrum structured to fit the needs of your project.  Whether under the umbrella of Project Management or as standalone ventures, BRG are experienced in providing:




Geological Mapping and Structural Analysis

Mapping of strata, structure, geomorphology and identification of geohazards for site investigation and mineral exploration purposes.


Target Generation 

Local and regional target generation in consultation with clients.  Drilling programme

design and implementation in consultation with drilling contractors. Optimisation of

drilling methods through, for example, directional drilling to reduce costs for the client

and improve accuracy in hitting targets. 


Project Management and Supervision

On-site management and supervision of site work for engineering projects and drilling operations including trial pitting, slit trenching, shell & auger drilling, diamond coring

and soil and water sampling.  Liaising with sub-contractors, the public, local authorities

and all other stakeholders on behalf of the client.


Drill Core and Soil Logging, Geotechnical Logging and Sampling to Industry Standards

Detailed logging of lithology, alteration, mineralisation (including grade estimation)

and geotechnical properties to BS 5930:1999, Eurocode 7 and BS 14689-1:2003 standards. Soil and rock logging to BS 5930:1999 / Eurocode 7.


Sampling and Geochemical Analysis

Site specific design of sampling programme and recommendation of analytical

method to be utilised in consultation with the client.

Survey of sample locations using GPS.

Scheduling and delivery of samples to a fully accredited laboratory.

QA/QC checks on the results. 

Interpretation and modelling of the analytical results.


Sample Types and Methods

Outcrop sampling


Shallow soil and deep overburden sampling:

     Augering of disturbed and undisturbed samples using hand auger or a

     percussion drill (Pionjar / Cobra), along with supervising sub-contractors

     to conduct rotary/shell and auger drilling and sampling programmes.

Geotechnical sampling

Surface and groundwater sampling

Gas and leachate sampling

Drill core sampling and splitting for assay analysis

Drill core groove sampling for lithogeochemical analysis

Gold panning