Project Management

BRG have many years’ experience successfully managing the most complex mineral exploration projects to small scale engineering and geophysical investigations.  We have developed an efficient and thorough management structure based on effective application and interpretation of GeologicalGeophysical, and Geochemical data and will work hands-on with you and across your organisation to support and manage your project.





For small-scale site investigation, engineering and geotechnical projects, we can design and complete dynamic probing, window sampling and trial pitting programmes and non-invasive geophysical site investigation including; 2D Resistivity, Conductivity (CM-31), VLF, Magnetics, Micro-gravity, Seismics and GPR. All work is completed to BS 5930:1999 / Eurocode 7 standard.        



For all scales of exploration programmes, our highly experienced team has a proven record of taking projects from grass-roots level surveying, sampling and target generation through to exploration drilling and resource definition.  


       Our project management services include:

Project permitting (including exploration licence applications/renewals, environmental permit / licence applications etc.)


Project design and implementation (including budgeting, permitting site access, field and site work planning, sampling, surveying, target generation, liaising with stakeholders / PR, etc.)


Site access negotiations and permitting (Landowners, public bodies, conservation groups and other stakeholders)


Contractor procurement and supervision


Geophysical surveying


Drill core logging and geotechnical logging


Geochemical sampling (including soil and water sampling, core splitting and grooving)


Sample QA/QC design and implementation


Environmental assessment and monitoring


Statutory reporting